Getting Online for the First Time

If you are a start-up business or an established business with no online presence, then you might have realised that now is the time to get online. Having an online presence will ensure that you look professional, can keep customers updated and can reach a wider audience. It’s an important part of running a business in the modern world and not having a website will only work against you.


So, if you are looking to get online for the first time, you need to consider what sort of presence you want. Are you looking for a website that you can advertise on the side of your business van for services such as plumbing? Are you a new entertainment venue that needs to showcase the latest offers and what you can actually offer customers? Maybe you’re a restaurant and want to make your menu and venue visible online. Whatever it might be, a website will capture all of these things brilliantly.


With this in mind, what things should you consider when getting online for the first time?


Think of Your Domain Name


This might be a relatively simple thing to many but in reality, it isn’t. This is because your domain name has to be catchy and memorable. Sure, you might have a business name but a business name doesn’t always automatically translate into a domain name. This domain name is the gateway to your website and that means that it has to be simple. It should tell people who you are in an instant and it should be unique to you.


Think About the Design


Sure, you might not have any idea about how to build a website which is why you should use Web Design Cardiff. However, it’s worth taking a look around at competitors to get a feel for what they are doing. It doesn’t matter if you are a one-man band running a plumbing company or a business that sells products, getting an idea of the look and feel that you want can help you tell your chosen designer what you are looking for.


Are you seeking something simple and elegant. Are you looking for masses of content that keeps readers informed or are you seeking something that is based around images? What’s more, do you want a modern website, a traditional looking one or one that has certain functionalities. These are important considerations to make and are ones that can help you to get right.


Your Branding


When you consider some of the biggest brands in the world, you only need to see the colours and you’ll instantly identify the company without seeing the logo. This is branding at its best but it also ensures people know who you are. Therefore, you might want to consider how your branding is displayed throughout your website and how that links in with other areas of your business. Keeping all of this uniformed and simple ensures that people can instantly recognise your business.


Images vs Content


Finding a balance between the right content and the images is vital to ensuring people remain on your website. Now, this will depend on your business. If you’re a painter and decorator then you’re going to want to make sure that you use images to showcase your work with some small words on the services you offer.


However, a marketing agency as an example will offer many different services and some of which people will know very little about, so these kinds of websites will be content heavy. At this point, it’s important to recognise what you are looking for from your website as this will tie in with your design.


Choose Your Designer


The main piece of the jigsaw is to use a designer that you can trust and one that has excellent feedback and reviews. The design of your website is vital as it is the shop window for your business and that means that the design has to be right. Therefore, opting for a company like the Web Designer Cardiff will ensure that you are in safe hands.


Your designer will talk through your ideas, look at what functionalities you require and then work to bring it all to life. They will design and test, make sure everything works and work closely with you too. With the right experience, skills and knowledge, a web designer will be able to identify what works for your industry before creating a website that sets your business apart from the crowd.